DataNexus Solution Overview

January 8, 2016
by Eddie Satterly

The rapidly changing data storage landscape forces companies to dedicate developers to specific and evolving technologies. By utilizing the DataNexus solution, any developer can store data simply, securely, and quickly via language agnostic API calls without requiring knowledge of the underlying technology. DataNexus transparently handles configuration, data modeling, and routing of the data to the proper backed store.
Prior to DataNexus, software and infrastructure teams would be required to have deep expertise in optimizing technologies such as Cassandra (real-time distributed data store), HDFS (HaDoop FileSystem), or Postgres (relational database). In many situations, all these technologies would be used as part of a final architecture, increasing both the size of the teams and cost. These development roles are very difficult to hire for, as well as being expensive to fund, since a growing number of companies are competing for the same talent pool.

This can be used in many scenarios: Enabling rapid deployment of new applications,  On-boarding new diverse data sources (think IoT) and for collecting more advanced troubleshooting and forensic data for cyber security. Each of there is a high value play and all enabled by the platform and the various integrations with other OSS such as ONI, Hadoop, Cassandra, Postgres and Solr.


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