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Why and How?

June 28, 2017 by Eddie Satterly We started out with a simple problem statement of how do you take data from many sources and route it to one or more destinations? Then we thought why not augment the data in flight, then why not annotate? Next we thought about how to route transactions, events, messages, streams. Then how do you combine these in flight and write the final results as you need them stored. So that is what DataNexus is built for. It is a fully automated "ZTP" Zero Touch Provisioned data platform that has basics as well as advanced features like end to end encryption and automatic replication. It leverages automation as well to scale up, scale down and even mange day to day ops for the platform. Everything in the platform is immutable and can run on any cloud or bare metal as required. The solution uses a layers approach to setup infrastructure thru application and then also layers on replication, encryption, key management and all you need to run the platform.

What does DataNexus do?

June 28, 2017 by Eddie Satterly The easiest thing is to ask if you have any of these issues you are wrestling with. 1. Do you have the right staff to build a data solution that handles relational, NoSQL and file based stores? Do you understand how to get data from the sources to where it needs to rest for reporting, analysis or ML? 2. Can you do real time data migrations from one system to the next and verify integrity of datasets? Do you want to move from a proprietary RDBMS to open source RDBMS? Would you love to reduce your spend or Oracle? or Microsoft SQL? Would you prefer to keep multiple copies of data or fork data feeds to multiple destinations and with separate filters and rules? 3. Do you know what data sets you have and need, but not know how or where to store it for the outcomes you desire? Do you need to try multiple destinations and test which one is right for your use case? If any of these apply to you then DataNexus can help you. The core of the platf